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Core Strengthening Ab Wheel

Light Green

+ - Description

Part of our Strength and Conditioning collection our Core Strengthening Ab Wheel sculpts your core. Our ab wheel builds strength and endurance by engaging your whole body, including upper and lower back. This ab wheel is perfect for all levels by targeting abs, shoulders, arms, hips, and thighs. Portable and easy to assemble and convenient to store. Designed to withstand vigorous workouts. Contoured ergonomic grips engineered for comfort and support. ** As with any exercise product or program please use caution and consult your physician prior to use

+ - Product Information

Perfect for all levels targets abs, shoulders, arms, hips and thighs

Sculpts your core targets primary and secondary zones

Easy to assemble and convenient to store

Helps builds strength and endurance

Part of our Stretch, Strengthen and Tone Program

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