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6 Ways to Turn Fitness Into a Habit

6 Ways to Turn Fitness Into a Habit


Fitness is a polarizing activity, and it’s not easy to commit to exercise after a long day of work. There are many reasons people dislike working out – it’s exhausting, it can be boring, and sometimes there’s just too much going on.

Don’t give up just yet. Below are six ways that may help you turn into someone who doesn’t just tolerate exercise, but looks forward to it. Remember, the road to success is always under construction! 


  1. Don’t Give Up After the First Day


Everyone will agree that getting through the first day of a fitness regimen is the most difficult. Your body will be sorer than ever, and the thought of going through that experience again is arduous for some. Keep in mind that the first day is always toughest, and it only gets easier from here. You should feel proud of yourself for starting what will hopefully be a long relationship with exercise, regardless of how bad that first day can be.


  1. Reward Yourself


Getting through a workout can feel like forever, but thinking about that tiramisu in your fridge may just help you accomplish your goals. Implementing a reward system is a great way to get motivated to workout, and it can also be used beyond exercise. Whether it’s binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix or a bubble bath, you deserve it! (Just make sure it’s relatively healthy.)


  1. Make a Playlist (Or Several)


A lot of time can be wasted from trying to pick a song at the gym. Sometimes its hard to know what you want to listen to while you’re working out, so we recommend making a few playlists based on kind of activity you’re doing that day. Setting up a playlist will keep your hands away from your phone and further distraction. Of course, playlists can get old after a while, so try mixing it up every once in a while. Podcasts and audio books are great substitutions if you’re tired of your music.


  1. Get Organized


We all have busy schedules, but many of us find a way to get ourselves in the gym. Setting up a routine to do so will make you feel like working out is just another part of your day. Also, keeping yourself disciplined to your schedule will carry over into other aspects of your life. You shouldn’t have to worry about when you’re going to fit in a workout or when you’re going to get your laundry done. Planning ahead is a great trait to have, and it’ll save you time and energy.


  1. Find a Friend


Using the buddy system is a great way to make your workout a little more fun. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee, try catching up on a run or at the gym. Try finding someone with similar goals and experience so you can push one another towards your objectives. You’ll also feel less inclined to skip a day when you know your friend will be making progress without you.


  1. Don’t Let Yourself Go Home


Try going straight from work to the gym. It can be a lot harder going to the gym when you have distractions from every corner. We recommend bringing your gym clothes to work with you so you can take care of your priorities before giving in to household temptations. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself, and you can go home knowing that you did everything you needed to do.