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5 Reasons to Try Kickboxing

5 Reasons to Try Kickboxing

 By- Francesca C. - RBX Active E-Commerce Manager

   Finding a workout that is not only fun but will transform your body is incredibly hard. Like many women I have struggled to maintain my weight for most of my adult life. I am by no means a size 2 and I am definitely not the girl that is in the gym every night.  I do however try to get to a class once or twice a week. For me, jumping on the treadmill for hours gets boring. I need a class that will not only help me keep my weight down but is incredibly fun. Through the years, I have tried many different workout classes. I have done everything from yoga to water aerobics. I love kickboxing because it is constantly challenging me! Kickboxing has become one of the most popular workouts with women throughout the country. It is no surprise because it is not only so much fun but works every muscle in your body. Below are 5 reasons you should try a kickboxing class!


  1. It’s Fun!

   Kickboxing classes are not only a great full body workout but also are so much fun! You are not only channeling your inner “Rocky” but you are also in a high-energy aerobics class. It is great to bring a friend and enjoy the workout together. My fellow RBX staffer and I took a class together a couple of months ago. Not only did we cheer each other on, but we worked together during lunge and hitting exercises.  The class that I attend has a bunch of different partner workouts. So, it’s a great workout to bring a friend or make some new ones!  The classes that I have attended are a mix of hitting and kicking the bag but involve everything from strength moves to squats. You are constantly engaged during the entire workout, so it goes by very quickly!


  1. It’s a Great Way to De-Stress

  After a hard day at the office, sometimes it is difficult to find the motivation to hit the gym. But after throwing a couple punches and kicks at the bag I always feel so much more relaxed.  It’s a great release after a long day and when I do go, I always feel much better throughout the week. What they say about workouts and endorphins is true, not only do I feel so energized after a class, but I also feel so much better mentally. 


  1. Improved Coordination

  I am not the most coordinated person. If you ask anyone in the office, they will tell you that I am constantly fumbling, and my posture was not always the best.  Kickboxing helps you strengthen your core and is proven to enhance your posture and coordination. If you are hunched over your desk all day, like I am, strengthening your abs and core help to address posture problems.  There are different combinations of moves that you will learn which will help you improve your coordination. During many of my first classes I would ask the instructor to help me with the combinations. After a couple of classes I had them down and have seen a difference in my coordination.


  1. You Learn Self-Defense

  During a kickboxing class are you are learning so many different types of punches and kicks.  You are doing everything from a jab to a cross body kick.  These moves can easily be taken from the gym floor to any real-life situation if they should ever arise.  Learning how to throw a forceful hard punch will not only keep you toned but will also make you feel confident and safe.


  1. You Burn a Lot Of Calories

   A typical cardio kickboxing class lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour. During that time, you are literally using every muscle in your body.  The combination between the circuit training, cardio and strength training helps give you a full body workout.  The combination of the punch throwing which helps to strengthen your core and the cardio that is involved has helped me to shed weight and tone my body. I feel so much stronger during every class that I attend. You also sweat a lot during a class. It may sound gross, but you literally feel the weight coming off your body.  There are days I come into the office so sore after class but it’s worth it, because I continue to see and feel the difference in my body. Don’t feel discouraged if you feel sore after a couple classes because you will start to see results as I did!


   Whether you are a fitness fanatic or a beginner you should get out there and try a kickboxing class! If you are looking to, not only look great but also feel great, this is a workout that you should definitely try! Please leave us some comments and let us know how you’ve enjoyed your first kickboxing class!