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7 Ways to Achieve Your Glute Goals

7 Ways to Achieve Your Glute Goals

By Erica Barnes, Contributing blogger

Get ready, set…. SQUAT! It is funny that most of my gym time was consumed in grabbing my weights, gritting my teeth, and breaking sweats! All for the sake of my glutes! For the past few months, my glutes have been glued to squats, the infamous Stairmaster, deadlifts, and every other imaginable workout that could possibly make my glutes shine like the summertime. In all honesty, I received great results from focusing on workouts that would offer me toned glutes! That is why I just cannot hold back on sharing 7 distinct ways for you to tone your glutes for the summer. We know that if the sun is out, our buns will join the party too! Get ready to buy those cute workout shorts or even a nice pair of jean shorts, because it’s about to go down! No literally it is time to get to squattin!


Air traveling through my lungs as I conquer each lunge! To lunge is to have fun, this workout will get your glutes ready for the sun. As far as weighted lunges, you will want to have at least 251b weights for this exercise for great results, you will need to have 2, 25-30lb weights one being in each hand. For this workout you will want to make sure you start off standing up straight and try to tuck your stomach!

Once you have mastered standing up straight with your core tucked, you’ll want to step into your lunge, it’s like stepping on an invisible stair step but your leg a few more inches further stretched as you take each step. Starting this workout off first may seem weird for those of you who are new to this, but lunging is an excellent way to pump up those glutes while toning your legs, and core.


If you are a rookie to building your glutes this may sound intimidating or quite daunting, but wooh! My friend it is not what it sounds to be, it is a remarkably simple workout! With each deadlift your booty just keeps getting lifted and further toned.

Deadlifting is interesting, as a fitness enthusiast I recommend you grab those 25-30lb weights. You will want to have one weight in each hand, standing with your knees slightly bent, your core tucked in, chest lifted, back straightened; finally, with one weight in each hand and like downward and upward position you will want to lower your weights down to almost touching your feet or the floor. Then, you will want to slowly come up straight while having a slight squeeze in your glutes after you come all the way up then you will want to repeat!

For great booty results I would recommend doing 3 sets of 15-20 reps for the best results.


For this workout you will want to have your hands and knees downward and hands at shoulder width apart! Now time to extend one leg out and simply lift your legs and let your leg reach for the sky! This is an excellent way of toning your glutes while also achieving flexibility and mobility in your hips.

Tip: 3 Reps X 20


When in the gym or even at home I consider taking it up a notch by utilizing your staircase or the Stairmaster as a great way to achieve your glute goals! I would recommend performing this exercise based upon time; for example, using the Stairmaster for 15-20 minutes or 15 minutes doing this exercise on your stairs at home! At first it may feel like a rocket to your glutes and fire to your legs but as you proceed with this workout you are achieving joint health, stronger glutes, and toned legs!

Tip #1: When using the Stairmaster, you can lunge into each step, take a step up as they come, or even do straight leg kickback to power up your glutes! Tip#2: When using your steps at home, it’s ideal to lunge into each step or squat into each step you take up your stairs.

Overall, don’t underestimate the power of taking the stairs, it’s time to stop dismissing them and start conquering them if we’re seeking to achieve toned glutes.


Now we are all familiar with squats, if someone were to ask you…how can I tone up my booty? The common answer to such question is DO SQUATS! Well just like with the Stairmaster, let’s take it up a notch.

If we are going to achieve toned glutes, then we need to bring the heat and one of the best ways to performing this is by squatting then jumping out of that squat and then repeat! Jump squats are an excellent way to improve lower body strength, a major calorie burner, and helpful for toning thighs and glutes.

Tip: 3 Reps X 20


The sixth best way to achieve toned glutes is picking up the kettlebell, holding on tight to the mini kettlebell bar using both hands, and get to swinging! Do not let this workout intimidate you; it may seem uncomfortable at first, try holding on to the bar of the kettlebell, starting off with the kettlebell in the middle of your legs, and then swinging it. This yields amazing results for the glutes.

You will want to have your knees slightly bended, your core tucked, and in a slight squat position. For starters, you want to have the kettlebell in-between your legs and then swing the kettlebell out from in-between your legs while coming out of the squat-like position and you’ll just want to continue this movement, denying as much momentum as possible and using your glutes and legs to thrust the kettlebell out from the in-between of your legs.

Tip: 3 Reps X 15-20


1…2…3 and pulse. It sounds fun until you are in pulsing position and then suddenly you feel fire through your legs and glute areas. In all honesty, squat pulses are a substantial workout to perform at home or at the gym. Yes, I get it they burn after so many reps, but that’s why they are the 7th best way to achieve strong and toned glutes. This is also an exercise I’d recommend to wrap up your glute workout for the day!

Tip: 3 Reps X 30 sec.

So there you have it-- seven tips for building your glutes. Squat and stretch! As we’re approaching summer, challenge yourself to practicing these 7 different tips. You can only expect the best and nothing less!