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An Abs Focused, Yoga Pilates Fusion Workout

An Abs Focused, Yoga Pilates Fusion Workout

By Chesney Lish, Contributing Blogger

Today we're sharing a quick, easy, and effective workout that takes less than 15 minutes. This is a combination of yoga, pilates (abs-focused today) and meditation that will leave you feeling reenergized - a quick reset. When you’re ready, let’s begin!

I like to start with a moment of grounding, thinking about an intention for my practice or what I want to call in for the day. Spend a couple of minutes here and don’t rush it. Start to get really centered on that intention and breathe deeply.

Next let’s hold a plank for 30 seconds to start firing up that core.

Now, we’re going into spider crunches. Do 15 reps on the right side, now switch and do 15 on the left. Watch your form and ensure your body stays in a straight line, shoulders over elbows!

Stretch it out in a child's pose. Take a quick breather and come back to your intention - your “why” and what brought you here today!

We’re going to go into some side plank hip dips. I like to hold it here for 30 seconds and then hip dip to the floor on the same side for 30 seconds. Be sure to keep your legs in a straight line and only dip from the hips. Switch sides and repeat.

Next, let’s take a little break and enjoy a wide-legged forward fold. Let your head hang heavy and even grab opposite elbows if you want, shaking your head “yes” and “no” to release any tension. Stay here as long as it feels good!

Let’s get into our Warrior 2. Make sure your knee is over your ankle, and pay attention to my feet in this photo. Reach your back arm up to the sky, rest your front arm on your knee and look up - you should feel a really nice stretch. Feel free to play with movement here - rolling the neck, reaching further or even doing big circles with the top arm! Have fun with it and feel free!

Slowly move into your upward dog. Take a few breaths here and get ready for the last round of abs.

Get into a reverse pigeon pose, resting your back on the floor at first while you get situated. Then lift up with your hands together, arms in a straight line and give me 30 crunches. Switch sides!

Come back to your intention. Grab a sip of water! Be so proud and take a few moments to honor yourself for showing up today. I like to take these few moments while I'm coming back to my breath to think of 3 things I am going to accomplish today that will move the needle forward the most. You’re welcome to think of what you are grateful for, or anything else that makes you feel good! Because that’s what this is really all about. 

Hope you enjoyed RBX fam! Don't forget to hydrate and give yourself a pat on the back afterwards.