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Combining Pilates + Cardio for the Ultimate Workout

Combining Pilates + Cardio for the Ultimate Workout

By Jasmin Reid, Contributing Blogger

Feel the breeze in the air? We can feel it too as we settle into our new cozy, warm fall routines and also reflect on the past few months and assess what changes we can make going forward. One of those changes being Pilates meets Cardio, your two new fitness BFF’s. 

Despite what some may believe Pilates + Cardio have amazing benefits and provide excellent exercise especially when they are combined together. Your body deserves a workout that trains your movement patterns! 


Pilates for Balance 

Pilates focuses on developing balance throughout the whole body. It works by focusing on the abdomen, hips, butt, and lower body areas. By working out on the mat or using Pilates equipment, Pilates helps you develop strength and flexibility.


Cardio for Fat Loss 

Cardio is the go-to for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Cardio does so much for our bodies and our bodies love us for it. Cardio exercises can reduce blood pressure, high cholesterol, and body weight. It also helps with strength and energy levels. If you didn’t know, it is easier to tone the body after losing excess body fat. 


How The Two Connect 

Pilates is great for muscle toning and Cardio for calorie burning. Pilates is primarily for muscle toning but it is flexible enough for you to add cardio into a strength training routine. 

There are a few ways to combine Pilates + Cardio in the same workout or workout day. You can run on a treadmill before a Pilates class or choose a Pilates class that involves cardio work. 

Please Note: The safest way to practice Pilates + Cardio is by either working out twice a day at different times during the day. Try cardio in the morning and Pilates in the evening, this will optimize your workout, give you time to rest and give you a nice energy boost. By working out two times a day you are boosting your metabolism and setting yourself up for good, quality sleep. 

If two workouts a day is too strenuous and you are in the beginning stage of your workout journey try adding in one day of pilates to your weekly routine. Cardio is a great benefit to our hearts and body so adding a day of Pilates to complement your weekly routine is a great way to recover from your cardio days.


A few suggestions for Pilates moves that can be incorporated for cardio training: 

⁃ Squat Jumps 

⁃ Planks 

⁃ Lunges 

⁃ Jumping Jacks 

⁃ High Knees 

⁃ Kick Backs 

Most Pilates classes focus on breathing patterns and mindfulness which are great attributions to cardio training. So whether you go for a short run before a Pilates class or do Cardio 20 minutes before your next Pilates class (If the class focuses on the lower body, adjust your cardio time as to not overstimulate your body), combining the two exercises can be a total workout program and a great strategy to maintain a consistent workout regime this Fall.