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8 Travel Tips to Stay Fit on Vacation

8 Travel Tips to Stay Fit on Vacation

By Danielle Stoken, the Filled Plate

You’ve worked all year to stay committed to your New Year fitness goal. Or, maybe you’re like me and you’ve ebbed and flowed but generally have stayed consistent with a good workout routine. Either way, an upcoming vacation may worry you into thinking that all of your good work and solid habits will go out the window for a week of relaxation.  

In case you need to hear this - it’s absolutely OKAY to give yourself a rest when you go on vacation. But, chances are you may feel better if you move your body a bit each day, drink a little extra water and incorporate some healthy foods into your trip.

I’ve rounded up some of the best travel tips to stay fit on vacation. You may just surprise yourself by being “that” person that’s staying fit while also enjoying all of the ice cream, tacos and margaritas by the pool.  

1. Pack Sneakers

Maybe this one seems a bit obvious, but I know I’ve taken vacations where my mentality was “I am NOT spending time working out on my time off!” and then regretted not having sneakers when I woke up really wanting to move my body! Don’t forget to pack your sneakers!

2. Research Fitness Studios

I think one of the best things about visiting a new city is experiencing a fitness class from a local studio. If you are an avid yogi, see if there is a local studio for you to try. Or maybe you want to do something completely new - find a studio that offers a workout you’ve been wanting to try, and go for it!

3. Plan for Treats

One of the most fun parts of vacation is trying new food (or enjoying old favorites that bring a sense of nostalgia - hello boardwalk fries!). If you go into your trip planning to indulge in a treat each day, you may make better choices. This may seem counterintuitive, but think about it. If you already know you are going to have a delicious ice cream sundae from a popular local ice cream shop, you may want to eat healthier during the day. If however, you swear off treats and end up getting an “unplanned” treat, you may think that making healthy choices the rest of the week doesn’t matter, and overindulge.

4. (Water) Bottle Service

One way to take care of yourself while traveling is to bring your own water bottle. When you’re hydrated, you’re less likely to feel as hungry. Plus, water helps to flush out toxins and replenishes the water that is leaving your body if you’re in a hot climate.

5. Fill Up on Fruits and Veggies

Swearing off decadent food on vacation is just cruel. But, you can counteract the extra sugar, sodium and fat by loading up on fruits and vegetables when possible. Instead of eliminating certain foods from your meals, add extra fruits and vegetables when possible, like piling a burger with extra lettuce, tomatoes, onions and peppers. Or ask for a side of fruit with your (veggie-loaded) omelet.

 6. Bring Some Gear

While packing your weights is likely not in the cards, you could bring other gear to help you get in a good sweat on your trip. Resistance bands are great because they take up no space at all and can be used in many different workouts. There are even foldable yoga mats that you can pack so that you can get a flow in on the beach or in your hotel room!

7. Take a Hike

Exploring in nature is a great way to maximize your vacation. It’s usually free, will help you stay on track with fitness and you can experience the local area and sights. Before your trip, take a look at the parks and trails in the area, and pack some clothes and shoes for hiking. Don’t forget to take some pics!

8. Look Forward to a New Workout Outfit

This one is my favorite. I know that if I pack a new workout outfit, I will HAVE to wear it (re: show it off). Depending on the weather where you are visiting, you could try some new bike shorts, or some cold weather running gear. Have fun with it and go move your body!