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These Skincare Hacks Will Make You Glow In Under One Minute

These Skincare Hacks Will Make You Glow In Under One Minute

By Lily Dulburg, Contributing Blogger

What keeps you from sticking with a new routine? Most of us chalk it up to a lack of time, funds or desire. Maybe you’re too exhausted to wash your face at the end of the night, or can’t keep up with the latest in facial products. When you’re busy, the last thing you want is to spend half an hour at the end of the day tending to your skin. Since skin is the largest external organ in your body, it's important to give it ample attention. Skin loves consistency and loathes sporadic changes in routine.

Contrary to popular belief, healthy skin doesn’t mean excessive time and expensive routines. You can ditch to the infamously overwhelming beauty aisle and say hello to ease and hacks that will fit seamlessly into your life. These simple expert-backed tips will help you develop a manageable skincare routine to contribute to your overall wellness. Healthy skin is just a few habits away.


Hydrate from the inside out.

You can probably determine when it’s time to reach for your water bottle -- after a sweaty hot yoga or spin class, or a tough hike. It’s easy to remember to hydrate when you’re feeling mega overheated and exerted. But did you know that dehydration not only impairs your focus, but leaves your complexion dry and dull? If you feel like all the moisturizer in the world couldn’t help your case, the culprit might be dehydration. Since the average human body contains up to 60% water, it’s important to stay hydrated, especially in the summer months when we’re more likely to spend time in the sun. Celebs like the ageless Jennifer Anniston swear by upping their H20 intake for optimal skin health. The best part? You can drink water throughout the day, even if you’re traveling or on the go. If it’s tough for you to up your intake, try setting an hourly reminder on your phone -- your skin will thank you.


Seek shade from the sun.

Most summer activities have one thing in common: time spent outdoors. Harmful UVA and UVB rays are even present when it’s cloudy out, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen. One sure fire way to protect your skin from sun damage is to cover up when you know you’ll be outside for a prolonged period of time. The American Academy of Dermatology underscores the importance of sunscreen and sun protection in preventing cancer and aging skin. Start by incorporating an SPF 30+ sunscreen into your morning routine after cleansing and moisturizing (your pores will better absorb moisture after a steamy shower). Opt for gentle products and experiment if necessary to see which formulas work best for you. Pro tip: lather up your neck and hands and apply a moisturizing lip sunscreen. The neck, hands and lips tend to show age more quickly. 


Limit your screen time.

Spending time in front of your phone or computer not only drains your energy but it can even harm your skin. Since the average American spends a whopping 11 hours daily with their tech, detoxing is more important than ever. Try blocking out time on the weekends to remain screen-free. Another reason to limit phone time is less obvious -- bacteria. How often do you clean your screen? Researchers from the University of Arizona found that our phones carry ten times more bacteria than most toilet seats! The bacteria on your screen can cause breakouts and blemishes when they come in contact with your skin. So, what can you do? Dermatologists recommend sanitizing your screen regularly with a disinfectant like rubbing alcohol to remove pore-clogging bacteria and build up.


Massage your facial muscles.

Let’s face it: your back isn’t the only part of your body that could use a little love! Self-facial massages are becoming more and more popular, especially with the prevalence of affordable rollers and gadgets to help get your blood flowing and create that natural blush. A quick facial massage can release stress and brighten your appearance, making it a full mind-body experience so time efficient that you won’t even need to pencil it into your calendar. Just 30 seconds before a lunch meeting or drinks with friends can give you that dewy, rosy summer glow you crave after a long day’s work. Just be sure to wash your hands first!


When in doubt, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize.

Summer can leave your skin dry, red and in dire need of moisture. Your blemishes might be causing a damper in your day. If you’re unsure how to begin taking care of your face, go by the golden rule of skin wellness: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. We’re not talking washing your face 3 times daily. Overwashing can dry skin out and cause unwanted blemishes and acne. Everything in moderation -- try toning in the morning and washing once per day with a gentle cleanser. Exfoliating is especially important in rejuvenating dead, flaky skin to make way for skin to regenerate as you age. You know your skin best; if something doesn’t feel right, take stock of what’s happening and adjust accordingly. It’s all about listening to your body and taking those cues to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. 

Confidence from a nourishing skin routine can give you the boost you need to achieve your wildest dreams. Adopting a simple routine can make it easier for you to reach your skin wellness goals. Set yourself up for success by setting achievable goals that fit naturally into your life, rather than trying to cram a 12-step routine into a packed schedule. 

Taking care of yourself holistically means focusing on the things that bring you joy. Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be a dreaded daily sacrifice -- it can and should be something that you look forward to every single day! These time-saving tips will cost you less than a minute each, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Glowing skin doesn’t require a ton of time or money. Commit to any of these five practices and you’ll be well on your way to radiant summer skin.