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5 Ways to Overcome a Fitness Funk

5 Ways to Overcome a Fitness Funk

We know that routine is good, it helps to build healthy habits; conditioning your body over time helps sustain stamina and a healthy lifestyle... but the same routine at the same time every day is not exactly exciting, and if you become bored it can become difficult to find motivation to keep it up. We're human, when life gets in the way it can be easy to drop something like fitness from our schedules (especially when we're not excited by it). 


The problem is that building an unhealthy habit is just as easy as building a healthy one. If you find yourself in a fitness funk it's going to be ok; the first step is loving yourself for who you are, and getting excited about the journey ahead of you.  Remember- you are the most important project you will ever work on. Actions speak louder than words, so we've come up with some fun, easy tricks to spark your motivation and get you out of that fitness funk!!



That feeling of getting dressed and looking good put together is priceless. Nothing feels better than feeling confident about the way you look (which is most likely why you’re exercising in the first place). Sometimes buying a new outfit to work out in can boost your enthusiasm to get to the gym.  You’ll look forward to wearing to your new fitness gear, and what better place to wear it than the gym!  This may sound like an expensive solution to your lack of exercise-related enthusiasm, but there are plenty of fashionable, durable choices that won’t break the bank. *insert obvious endorsement for this website here*


      Mind.  Blown.  We know; this is some innovative stuff!  But in all honesty, it's intimidating to try something new—especially if you’ve been doing the same workouts for a while.  There are hundreds of exercises out there, and switching things up can be beneficial to your body.  Trampoline classes, barre fusion classes, anti-gravity yoga, and Zumba Step, for example, are all big calorie burners that are fun and effective. Your weekly workouts do not have to be same to make a difference—quite the contrary actually!  The more you do the same activities the more your body gets used to them, which eventually leads to that dreaded “plateau” everybody tries to avoid.      


          This goes hand in hand with trying a new workout.  Trying  a new fitness routine isn’t always easy,  but having a friend or partner with you can make it more fun.  Also the knowledge that someone else you care about is relying on you to be there can be a strong motivator... (you might discover you're more of a leader than you think!) 

            TRY A NEW SUPERFOOD!

              We've brought this idea up before: EATING FOR ENERGY. We all want to be rebels at heart and eat whatever we want like pizza for breakfast or a burger with mac & cheese on it (seriously a must have at least once in your life). But ultimately incorporating food like avocados, blueberries, quinoa (pronounced keen-wah), and kale into your diet will give you larger quantities of long-lasting energy that can revamp your whole work out.


                  Anyone can start a blog.  It doesn’t have to be professional, and you don’t even need a decent writing ability—that’s what makes Instagram and YouTube so great!  You can post pictures of your progress or new workouts you try every week on social media and it’s considered a blog.  Honestly, you can dress up in a panda costume and make videos of yourself doing various workouts and you’ll probably become “YouTube-famous”.  & hey, we're always looking for guest contributors to our blog ;)

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                  Tuning into our blog & social media are also helpful motivators. Believe it or not, we're humans too- we have ups and downs & our Instagram page is a great way to sometimes laugh your a** right off the couch!