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Move it Monday: Claire Fountain on Organization

Originally Posted on HBFit.com April 4, 2016 3:07 PM 

Claire Fountain is our go-to flow guru. She’s served us up two exclusive series before–one on reflection and the other on workout recovery–and she’s back this month with another installment, this time focusing on organization.

When we were thinking about what activewear brands embody this theme, RBX Active immediately came to mind. To us, the concept of organization means finding the balance in your life–knowing that you should make time in your day to move and always choosing the active route–which is perfectly in line with RBX’s brand ethos. They are all about balance and making realistic choices–which goes hand in hand with what we’re thinking about this month.

From Claire: Being Organized & Yoga

Organization has not always been my strongest skill–but I have always known the grounding peace that comes with stability and structure. Part of why I found healing in yoga was because of the soothing nature of repetition that the practice offered. Even if everything else was a mess in life, I knew I could do yoga in the same secure pattern of poses time and time again. Sure, many like creativity and variety, but I found when stress and anxiety were ruling the day, I knew I could go rest in some yoga I could trust.

Creating structure and routine allows us a method to self soothe in a healthy way. Being organized about your wellness and the practices you put into that will continue this effect. This goes beyond yoga, and can extend to adds to your wellbeing. Scheduling in regular workouts, time to grab tea with friends (and turn your cell phone off,) or keeping essential oils by your desk.

To start organizing your wellness routines, start with what you can do. Allocate a time that fits into your day (some use the morning hours as you are fresh and free from the days stress when you first wake up.) Decide what you will do, such as 10 minutes of deep breathing, a guided meditation via an app (I use omg i meditate,) or maybe a few yoga postures such as cat and cow. Pick a spot and continue to use that location so you begin to associate that space and time to wellness, mindfulness, focusing on your intentions, or whatever you need to serve you.

With yoga, and meditation, I find many know it is part of what they “should” do but are lacking directions or structure. Even with the most basic of knowledge regarding poses, you can create a practice that suits you. It’s been said, if you can breathe, you can do yoga.

Finding a protocol of poses you can do in a regimented order can be healing to the body and mind. Here are a few key poses to use in a practice every day, over and over. Adding or subtracting as you see fit. Take these merely as suggestions, and listen to your body. The real benefit will come in being organized about your practice and not having to waste time, or energy wondering what to do.

Forward Fold

High Lunge



Plank Variations

Upward Dog

A Backbend (any level you choose)


Tips for practice:

  1. Start with deep breathing.
  2. Co-ordinate the movement with the breath.
  3. Hold poses 3-5 breathes.
  4. Smile some. It’s just yoga.

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Photos by: Underground NYC