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3 Tips to Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

3 Tips to Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

By: Danielle Wright 

Summertime is always a refreshing time and brings a sense of renewal. This is the perfect season for fun in the sun, sand, and great food! The social atmosphere booms and so does travel. Everyone is enjoying rooftop parties, boat rides, the beach and more. Often times we forget about the duty to ourselves in our day to day routines because of the seasonal euphoria the warm summer brings. Here's three essential tips, that could always help keep anyone on track in different situations while still enjoying all that the beautiful sun has to offer.

Tip #1 - Morning Workouts
I know. YES! Many of my 5am class takers are up anywhere between 4-4:30am and depending on the person it can be even earlier but let’s not go overboard. Some may ask, why so early? Well, after teaching a 5am class three to four times a week for quite some time; I've realized there are a few common qualities amongst my consistent class takers. They are highly successful individuals who make it a priority to have time for themselves and normally set their day accordingly. These, are the movers and shakers starting their day strong with a heart pumping workout. I’ve been asked many times if I enjoy waking up so early when the rest of the city slumbers, and I honestly can say that I have grown to appreciate moving around in such a big city when others are sleeping. I can also appreciate that peaceful moment of solace before I start my day. In a way, it’s a reward for me, it has become a part of my routine, and making this a habit can truly begin to shift things in your own life.

Tip# 2- Self-Discipline

Discipline is key. It helps you carry out the goals you have set for yourself. With all of the excitement summer can bring with travel, beach days and BBQ’s, discipline could very easily be altered. I found that it takes self-discipline and creativity to adapt your fitness goals and workouts to whatever surroundings, food, time, and financial changes are present in the moment. Self-discipline is also a great tool to use in any part of your life to help bring that natural balance and happiness we are all seeking.

Tip# 3 Take it Outside
An outdoor workout such as a pickup basketball game or a nice run in Central Park is a beautiful way to feel the breeze and enjoy all that the summer days have to bring. I love outdoor workouts because they feel so liberating and free. A great workout routine in this way, a few times throughout your week will never get boring. It’s a new experience every time, especially if you’re into playing different sports. Just by appreciating nature itself can inspire you while the journey to becoming fit. Parks and beaches are definitely a great way to reward yourself while also getting that extra mile or pushup in.

After talking daily to my clients about staying consistent and what keeps them motivated, I decided to ask about key changes that could be contributed to what they’d describe as “fitness success”. I spoke with Fritz & Jessica, both absolutely love taking 5am classes every morning.
Largely, waking up earlier was the ultimate changer. It’s very interesting how a small change can truly set you up for the of your day and week even.

Myself: Why do you workout early?
Fritz: Success mentality and it gets your juices flowing. I can go to happy hour in the evening and still enjoy my social life. Sets you up for the day workout followed by meditation.
Jessica: It's usually not as busy in the morning. AND watching the sunrise as your workout? Now, that is just beautiful. Definitely provides a little inspiration starting the day with purpose and clarity. It gives the moment of quiet and peace.

Myself: Does it bother if you don't workout ?
Fritz: When I’m consistent, and I miss one workout, it does bother me. I can feel the endorphins my body produces and it's a great feeling.
Jessica: When I’m not working out I’m definitely more out of balance and my energy shifts a bit.

I’ve come up with a Morning Mantra for myself, "Refresh. Renew. Wake up. Get in done. Soak in all the sun has to offer.” This phrase has help me consistently throughout life’s changes and whenever the summer arrives I’m always ready to refresh and renew!




**Danielle Wright is a Personal trainer and Professional Wilhelmina Model. See her fitness transformation below. Follow her on instagram for more @dandan.lee