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How to Stay on Track in the Summer Months

How to Stay on Track in the Summer Months

By: Rae Williams Instagram: @thatgirlrae__

*Rae is a body positive, international lifestyle model; who has lost over 75 pounds on her weight loss/fitness journey. Read below for her favorite 4 tips for staying fit during the summer months*

Summer time is my FAVORITE time of the year.  One, because I'm a summer baby (VIRGO's stand up- August 24th in the house), and secondly and most importantly because the weather is amazing! The problem with the weather being amazing, and traveling....is how hard it is to stay on track with eating healthy and exercising.


I know I'm not the only one who struggles during the summer time with this, or am I...???


I know I'm not the only one. Traveling and summer activities makes it hard to stay focused. Summer is filled with bbq's, alcohol and late nights and random trips, this is a perfect and beautiful storm. 

Beautiful, because who doesn't love these things?

A storm? Because it's usually a disaster for staying healthy (Trust me, I know first hand).


Although I still slip up, after 3 years of living a healthier and more active lifestyle- I'd like to think I have developed a great recipe to stay (somewhat) on target with my health goals even over the summer!


My tricks are :


1- Take your workout outside! I love outside workouts because for me it's an essential part of summer. Working out outside makes me happy because I feel less like I'm wasting my day in the gym since I get to still enjoy the sunshine and weather.


2 - Make your workouts short BUT effective! I LOVE HIIT workouts and incorporating resistance bands, jump ropes and body weight exercises into a 30 minute session. I aim for 300 calories in 30 minute session. This means keep your intensity level high, and your rests short.


3-  Wear breathable exercise clothes! It helps if they're cute also like my top and bottom from RBXActive! Wearing activewear that wicks moisture and allows your skin to breathe is super important in the summer time because you absolutely do not want to over heat while working out in the elements. The mesh panels on the back and leg panels of this outfit keep it nice and breathable! 


4- If you go running, or on hikes, be sure to pack lightly but make sure you carry your essentials with you! I suggest water, sunscreen, a protein snack and most importantly your cell phone! These RBXActive activewear leggings have pockets-which make them a new favorite of mine for my outside workouts!