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Surf Into Summer Playlist

Surf Into Summer Playlist

 Dive Into Summer Playlist With Surfset Yoga By Lauren Kornutik Yoga Instructor

That's right, we said, "Surf Yoga".

No this doesn't mean doing headstands for extended periods of time on a surfboard in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Surf Yoga, the fitness special at SURFSET NYC, is a yoga and surfing hybrid class that was initially introduced on ABC's popular aspiring-entrepreneur show, Shark Tank.  According to SURFSET NYC's website, "Surf Yoga is an interval-based  class that combines the elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle building, and balance & core training in a fun and challenging 45-minute routine on top of a custom-made unstable surfboard." (SURFSET New York City, 5/22/2017)  What better way to get a "beach-body" than to participate in a classic beach activity? - and more importantly, without the sunburn.

In addition to gaining muscle, body awareness, and overall balance, SurfYoga is (for lack of a better term) a ton of  freakin' fun!  Through the use of custom-made surfboards, upbeat instructors (like RBX's personal friend Lauren Kornutik, and an even more upbeat playlist, SurfYoga is the newest addition to our favorite-summertime-activity-list.   

Check out this SurfYoga essential playlist - a little sneak peek into one of the best elements of a SurfYoga class!  Enjoy the sounds of the waves and the Summer as RBX teams up with SURFSET NYC SurfYoga instructor Lauren Kornutik for a chilled and vibed-out playlist, sure to be the theme music of everyone's favorite season.