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Embracing Colorful Athleisure for the Season

Embracing Colorful Athleisure for the Season

By Ann Marie Leitao, Contributing Blogger

Spring has sprung (well, almost), and I have never been more ready to ditch these warm layers and embrace the vibrant hues of the season! While the groundhog predicted an early Spring here in New England, for me, this year's winter felt never-ending. With the bitter cold months, I find myself slightly lacking motivation. The minute the weather began to warm up and the birds started chirping, I jumped at the chance to add some lively colors and refreshing florals to my wardrobe. These new pieces from RBX are perfect for energizing my spring fitness routine (which definitely needs a boost) and saying sayonara to the winter blues.

Nestled in charming Cape Cod, MA, my home is near the beach. I yearn for the refreshing oceanic breeze that fills my lungs with salty air and invigorates my senses! Being by the ocean is a beautiful reminder of the wonders of being outdoors, and the arrival of Spring takes on a whole new meaning. Choosing the proper clothing for outdoor activities is crucial, and I prioritize breathable fabrics for hikes on the Cape Cod trails or yoga sessions in the park. These fabrics keep me feeling refreshed and energized, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the beauty of nature without feeling uncomfortable or overheated!


There's no denying it - I am completely infatuated with The Love Me Not Super Soft matching set. Once you try it on, you'll understand why. Its fabric is buttery soft, and it’s that set you can wear straight from a workout and right into the rest of your day. Its floral pattern is beyond sweet, and it's basically guaranteed that everyone you bump into will compliment you. This top is super flattering with its fitted silhouette and V-neckline. Plus, you can rock it as a crop top or even wear it as a sports bra. We love versatility!

I just couldn’t help but frolic around town in this set! After a light movement yoga class, my fiancé and I got acai bowls and enjoyed a walk by the beach. Pair it with a cropped zip-up for an extra layer, or (my personal favorite), The Coastal Days Bubble Tank in Pink to add another pop! This top is crafted with a lightweight and breathable fabric, and its unique texture top provides a soft and cozy feel against your skin!


My fiancé has been trying to get me to try golf, and now that I have the Oasis Perfect Weekend Skort in my wardrobe, I suppose I have to give in. This rainbow-inspired skort has an instant mood-boosting effect. They feature biker shorts underneath to prevent chafing and ensure coverage during any physical activity. Not to mention, they include side pockets which are perfect for storing small essentials like keys or phones. I mean… what a dream! 

I paired these with the On The Run Tank in White, and went for a jog. It was perfect! This white tank top is so light and breathable, and the best part is that it's not see-through. Plus, the slightly open mesh back adds a unique touch that sets it apart from your average plain white tank. It takes cuteness and comfort to a whole new level!


Well, there you have it! It’s time to embrace the arrival of the new season with a wardrobe infused with a Spring palette of uplifting colors! These feel-good outfits will effortlessly elevate your style and make getting dressed a breeze! Spring + Breathability = Perfection 🌸