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Help Save Our Oceans With RBX

Help Save Our Oceans With RBX

By: Melanie Locke - Contributing Blogger

Earth Day is coming up this Sunday, April 22nd. It’s a day to focus on our beautiful habitat and all we can do to protect it for generations to come. This Earth Day, we’re showing our appreciation for the ocean and the powerful impact it has on our planet.  

Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, and 96% of that water is held in the oceans. Our oceans are full of vital ecosystems that keep our planet functioning. From afternoon rain showers to seafood dinners, the deep blue sea is an important part of our daily lives — even those of us in landlocked states. Which is why it’s equally as important to look after our world’s water.

Taking care of our planet is the best way to ensure our own lasting health and happiness. Harmful practices and consumption are deteriorating the Earth’s ecology and can damage human health. The ocean has a big impact on weather patterns, the air we breathe, ingredients in medications, and food products, whether ten minutes from the beach or ten hours. Keeping the seven seas healthy promotes a happier planet — and happier humans.

Here’s what you can do to help preserve the big blue:

  • Reduce your plastic use — Many plastic products end up in the ocean and harm the forms of life that call the salty habitat home. Go reusable whenever possible with refillable water bottles, fabric or recycled grocery bags, and non-disposable food containers.
  • Protect beaches from pollution — The beach is a beautiful and popular hang out, but beachgoers aren’t always responsible about picking up after themselves. When visiting a beach, make sure to pack up all your trash and belongings before stepping off the sand. And avoid removing shells, coral, or sea creatures from the beaches or waters. Doing so can interrupt habitats and life forms.
  • Give your support — Organizations that help to preserve the ocean can always use a helping hand. Whether it’s an organized beach clean up or a monetary donation to a worthwhile foundation, every little bit helps.
  • Enjoy seafood responsibly — Marine life populations and habitats have been severely depleted or harmed due to unsustainable fishing practices. When enjoying seafood, do so responsibly by purchasing sustainably sourced options.

Conserving the ocean helps to keep the Earth strong. And practicing or implementing conservation habits in your daily life can make a big impact, especially when we all work together to make a difference. Take a few minutes to appreciate the sea and the impact it has on your life. And then do what you can to help protect the big blue.

This Earth Day RBX will be donating 10% of each sale to Oceana, an international organization dedicated to protecting the oceans. Help us support their cause with every purchase made this Earth Day. This will last from 4/18-4/26.