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Leggings & Pullovers: The Perfect Outfit Staples for Any Road Trip

Leggings & Pullovers: The Perfect Outfit Staples for Any Road Trip

Did someone say road trip?  With all that has been going on in the world (Yes, I know that I am beating a dead horse!), a road trip sounds like the perfect getaway.  Planning a quick trip, seeing some sights, and getting out in nature may be just what you need during these times.   The good news is, you don’t have to pack a huge bag - just a few comfy staples are all you need for your road trip wardrobe.


Comfort is key when traveling, so go-to leggings and pullovers are ideal items to shove in your bag for the trip.  They are super light and compact, so they won’t take up a ton of space in your suitcase.  The leggings and some of the RBX pullovers also offer wicking material.  This is a plus for road trips, when you never know what type of weather you will encounter or, if you are like me, you tend to spill coffee all over yourself when you are pulling over to catch the beauty of a sunset. Wicking and prints are the perfect combination!  Athleisure bottoms and tops are often wrinkle resistant, so they always look fresh.  No one will be able to tell that you have been sitting in the car for 8 hours, haven't showered, or stopped for a little jog half-way there!   

Though I find that you can wear leggings pretty much anywhere, this is especially true for those long trips in the car! These RBX leggings are perfect for experiencing an array of activities along the way.  What's awesome is that you can easily dress them up. When you stop on the way to do some shopping in the local town or meet up with some friends for dinner, you can layer a jacket, add a vest, and throw on some fun shoes to add a touch of fashion. 

Another reason that leggings are especially convenient is that they have pockets - a big win here!  Pockets are perfect for car keys, cell phones, or anything you need for those quick stops at the rest stations and all of that getting in and out of the car. No handbag necessary! Just grab what you need and go.  


The sporty and stylish look is on trend these days, and leggings will certainly help you pull off this style.  RBX clothing is made from such a breathable fabric; you can add layers when chilly but don’t feel like you are sweating your butt off when things heat up.  You can add a scarf, jewelry, or fun hat to complete the look.


RBX leggings and pullovers are an absolute “must-have” for any road trip. They offer comfort while driving, and when you decide to stop for a little sightseeing, you can move with ease and not have to change your entire outfit.  These are staples for any traveling adventure, allowing you to do whatever your heart desires while having an outfit that is both fabulous and functional. You can't beat that!