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Your Weekend Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Your Weekend Travel Capsule Wardrobe

By Brennon Hightower, Contributing Blogger and Writer for Just Brennon Blog

A few weeks ago, I came across an Instagram Reel with the following caption overlay: “POV: I’m not wasting any time this summer. I want it all. Hikes, walks, drives, lake days, camping, I’m outsideeeeee.” And, let me tell you. I can relate because I want to live a healthy and active lifestyle, too. In fact, I’m getting a jump start on summer and have already gotten started with some of my favorite outdoor activities in my new athleisure gear from RBX Active. 

Lake Michigan Circle Tour

Even though things can sometimes be financially difficult, having good financial management skills always comes in handy. With this in mind, one of the adventures that I budgeted and planned for this spring was a three-day trip around Lake Michigan, iconically known as the Lake Michigan Circle Tour. Spring gives us a fresh start after hibernating all winter.

The road itself can be driven non-stop for approximately 14 hours. Still, of course, you want time to spend checking out the beautiful stops along the way such as Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Taquamenon Falls State Park, and Indiana Dunes National Park, just to name a few. And, when you do, you will want to be comfortable and fashionable!

With this in mind, here are the two outfits I can mix and match to create a third outfit to wear on our Lake Michigan Circle Tour from RBX Active.


Friday Itinerary and Outfit

On Friday, we plan to explore Palms Book State Park in the Upper Peninsula and take the boat ride over the natural freshwater spring at Kitch-iti-kipi followed by exploring Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

For Friday’s adventure, I’m excited to wear the Periwinkle RBX Active Recharge Scuba Hoodie paired with a black pair of Tech Flex Ultra Hold Legging. The Scuba Hoodie is comfortable and modern. I love the pop of color that the scuba hoodie adds to the outfit, as well as the seaming details which make me feel good when taking photos.

The black Tech Flex Ultra Hold Legging feel great against my skin, keeps me just warm enough, and are very comfortable. Overall, this is an ideal outfit to wear for Friday’s itinerary because not only is it comfortable, but it will keep me just warm enough to be outdoors in the spring weather.


Saturday Itinerary and Outfit

On Saturday, we plan to visit Taquamenon Falls, Whitefish Point Lighthouse, and Mackinaw Island. While a lot of what we will be doing is outdoors, there will be some indoor activities, as well. Because of this, it was important to me that I was able to wear something comfortable that allows me to look presentable for indoor dining and activities. And, this outfit does just that. 

Saturday’s outfit consists of the Prime Relaxed Twist Back Tank Top in Sea Glass, layered with the Lotus Open Cardigan, also in Sea Glass, and paired with the black Sunday Reset Bootcut Pants.

I love how I can be comfortable outdoors in the tank and pants and easily transition into a more polished version of myself by adding the cardigan. Both the tank top and cardigan are soft, breathable, and fashionable. And, the bootleg pants elevate the outfit giving me that indoor polished look. I can even swap my tennis shoes out for my casual black flats to elevate the look even more.


Sunday Itinerary and Outfit

On Sunday, we plan to end our trip by visiting Traverse City. Traverse City is at the heart of a historic region where cherry orchards thrive and is home to the famous National Cherry Festival. Following Traverse City, we plan to explore both Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and Indiana Dunes National Park.

For this final day of adventure, I will be remixing my RBX items to create a new look which includes wearing the Periwinkle Recharge Scuba Hoodie over the Prime Relaxed Twist Back Tank Top in Sea Glass and paired with the black Sunday Reset Bootcut Pants.

While outdoors, weather permitting, I can wear the tank top and pants, and when indoors, pull on the scuba hoodie.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am so pleased with the RBX Active collection of athleisure-friendly outfits and am impressed by how comfortable and trendy each item is. I’m looking forward to being comfortable and stylish while exploring Lake Michigan.