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Zodiac-Inspired Outfits: Finding Your Celestial Style

Zodiac-Inspired Outfits: Finding Your Celestial Style

By Emily Kho, Contributing Blogger

The stars have always guided us, not just in our destinies but also in our personal style. Drawing inspiration from the zodiac, we've paired two signs per outfit, capturing the essence of their celestial personalities.

Outfit #1: The Earthy Duo - Taurus & Virgo

Grounded and practical, this outfit that pairs the Birch Quilted Hoodie Jacket (Sand) and Super Soft Everyday Wide Leg Pant (Black) mirrors the earthy nature of Taurus and Virgo. The quilted hoodie provides warmth and comfort, while the wide-leg pants offer a touch of elegance. The neutral tones resonate with their love for nature and simplicity. It's a look that speaks of sophistication without trying too hard.

Outfit #2: The Fiery Spirits - Aries & Leo

Bold and dynamic, this outfit pairing the Brooke Hoodie Tunic (Clay) and the Space Dye Super Soft Legging (Charcoal) embodies the fiery essence of Aries and Leo. The vibrant hoodie tunic paired with the space dye leggings makes a statement, just like these two signs. The fiery hues capture their passionate spirit, making it perfect for those days when they want to conquer the world.

Outfit #3: The Airy Dreamers - Gemini & Libra

Light and breezy, this outfit pairing the Studio Breathe Super Soft Hoodie Tunic (Dark Teal) and the Super Soft Ultra Hold 7/8 Legging (Dark Teal) is perfect for the intellectual and balanced natures of Gemini and Libra. The soft hoodie tunic combined with the ultra-hold leggings offers both style and comfort. Its airy vibe complements their sociable and harmonious personalities, making it a go-to for casual meet-ups.

Outfit #4: The Watery Mystics - Cancer & Scorpio

Deep and intuitive, this outfit reflects the mysterious allure of Cancer and Scorpio. The Amanda Super Soft Tee (Purple) paired with the Prime Tech Flex Ultra Hold 7/8 Legging (Sage) is both chic and functional. The deep shades echo their profound emotions and the allure of the unknown, perfect for introspective evenings.

Outfit #5: The Ethereal Visionaries - Aquarius & Pisces

Dreamy and innovative, this outfit captures the imaginative spirit of Aquarius and Pisces. The Sunrise French Terry Sweatshirt (Olive) combined with the Super Soft Ultra Hold 7/8 Legging (Olive) is a blend of comfort and creativity. Its ethereal colors mirror their visionary nature, making it ideal for days filled with inspiration and dreams.

Outfit #6: The Adventurous Trailblazers - Sagittarius & Capricorn

Ambitious and free-spirited, this outfit is tailored for the adventurous souls of Sagittarius and Capricorn. The Auburn Sweatshirt (Light Beige) paired with the Super Soft Ultra Hold 7/8 Legging (Dark Teal) is both stylish and versatile. The earthy tones reflect their grounded yet adventurous nature, perfect for a day of exploration or a night of ambition.

Final Thoughts

Embrace the cosmic energy and let the stars guide your fashion choices. Whether you're a fiery Aries or a dreamy Pisces, there's an RBX outfit tailored just for you. Shine on!