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Ab Exercises that Will Give You Definition AND Strengthen Your Lower Back

Ab Exercises that Will Give You Definition AND Strengthen Your Lower Back
By: Nutritionist & Personal Trainer Breeanna Verna @CrunchandLunch

When we think of strengthening our abs we immediately focus on the aesthetics. Everyone strives for that perfect chiseled six-pack, but we tend to forget that a strong core impacts more than just your physical appearance.

Did you know that strengthening your abs can actually help alleviate aches and pains in other areas of your body? I use the following exercises with clients looking to not only enhance their abdominal region, but also relieve lower back and knee pain.

These exercises are different from your typical sit-ups. One of the most common things I hear from clients is that they never feel sore from ab exercises. If you have ever done a bunch of sit-ups and woke up the next day not feeling the slightest bit of soreness, it may be from rushing through your workout. We tend to blast through ab exercises quickly, as they can be an uncomfortable muscle to work.

Since our abs are such an underused muscle (especially compared to our arms and legs) the key is to take each exercises a little bit slower and put more focus on holding and contracting the muscle.

This workout is like no other ab routine you have done before. We start off with a breathing exercise that will help wake up your core and get your muscle fibers primed and ready to work!

Follow Along with THIS Video

Prep Work:
- 3 deep breaths- follow along with the video and I promise this will feel like a crazy ab exercise

- Leg lowers with a toe reach 15x
- Dying Bugs 15x each side
- Plank Hold 10 deep breaths or 30 seconds
Repeat this circuit 3x total!

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