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Do It In a Group, Do It In Style – Boutique Fitness Revolutionized My View of Group Fitness

By Edgar James - Garage Gym Planner

Who doesn’t like exclusivity, right? These are the times of customized comfort and tailor-made everything. Whether it’s food, clothing, vehicles or even the simplest accessories, everything is made to fit each individual’s choices. So, when it comes to fitness, why should it be any different?

I’ve always been particular about the way I look and feel physically, just like many others. Sure, as the norm goes, I got myself a membership at the gym closest to my home and was more than excited to start my journey towards a fitter body. The thing about regular gyms is that they make you do a lot of things. Some that are interesting and some not so much. And most of the time, there’s this one workout or exercise that I love more than the rest, but obviously, I have to keep alternating with other options too.

Then there are home gyms, which are effective but not a lot of people are motivated to go at it alone. Nevertheless, garage gyms are a great way to get fit right where you live, not having to travel to a far away commercial gym.

For me, fitness began as something I wanted to try my hand at, and it became a lifestyle choice over time that became a big part of my daily routine. And after a point of doing something so regularly, I ended up asking myself “What next?”

A friend of mine had started working out at a new place downtown and could not stop raving about how much fun she was having. She told me how she loved Zumba and any form of exercise that involved peppy music and dance moves, and that’s when she enrolled herself into a fitness class that specialized only in that.


Let me introduce you to the fascinating concept of Boutique fitness.

Group sessions were never my thing. I like my space and I like doing my own exercises, without crashing into someone else’s regime or feeling awkward about sharing my space. However, when I did my research on what boutique fitness really is, I couldn’t help but want to try it out, keeping my inhibitions aside.


What exactly is Boutique Fitness?

Imagine your favorite form of exercise. Now, imagine interacting with like-minded people, who enjoy this exercise just as much as you do, and getting trained by experts. The environment? Cozy, customized to fit in a group session, perfect lighting, and suitable music to get you going. You get to experience all this and more, but without having to compromise your fitness goals. To me, all of this sounded like an adventure I wanted to be a part of.


It’s a social experience

Fitness groups are the new “in” thing, with everyone joining the bandwagon and not hesitating to be open about it. I found out that a lot of friend groups attend these sessions and make an outing of it. Let’s go to a club? Well, how about we work out together instead! And in all honesty, it was something I definitely wanted to share with my close friends.


Being tech savvy

Everything was done online, absolutely everything. Right from finding a number to booking an appointment and choosing which session I wanted to be a part of. I even had the option of just paying for it online and confirming my spot on the group. Many of the places even had specialized mobile apps for their studio, making it all available at the simple click (or touch) of a button!


Complete personalization

I also had the option of getting a personalized consultation on which session would be perfect for my body type and fitness goals, and I wasn’t too worried because I knew I was leaving it to the experts. The variety of workouts available was great, but not overwhelming or confusing, which gave me the opportunity to pick only what I wanted when I wanted it and how I wanted it.


Is it pricey?

It is, yes. I realized that if I was going to opt for a unique, more customized experience, it wasn’t going to come at the price of a regular gym membership. However, when I weighed out my options and really got down to thinking about it, I didn’t mind spending those few extra bucks to give myself an experience that would make me fitter and also be a lot of fun at the same time! I guess when you choose a better experience, you have to be okay with the tag that comes along with it.


Has my opinion changed?

Absolutely! From being someone who has always been skeptical about group sessions, to enrolling myself into a boutique fitness center and applauding my choice to do so, the shift over has been great. I’ve made new friends, found like-minded people, grown fond of my sessions and have no regrets. Boutique fitness is a trend that is rapidly catching on, giving people an experience that is any day unique to its own style and is very different from just your everyday “lift and sweat” regiment.

If you, like me, are someone who likes to do things in a more personalized, tailor-made fashion, find yourself a fitness boutique and get enrolled now!