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Full Body Dumbbell Workout for Beginner Weightlifters

Full Body Dumbbell Workout for Beginner Weightlifters

By Ashley Riggs, Contributing Blogger

Weightlifting can be intimidating, but that does not need to hold you back from beginning your  fitness journey.  

Starting off using dumbbells can create a smooth transition into weightlifting that will leave you  more confident and comfortable in the gym.  

The other plus when using dumbbells is that you do not need to go to a gym to complete a  workout. All you need is a few different sized dumbbells in your home and you’re good to go.  

Here is a beginner dumbbell workout that will get your whole body burning. But before you start  there’s a few ways you should prepare.  

First, make sure you are hydrated before and after the workout. Second, begin the workout with some light cardio, for example walking on a treadmill or light jogging. As well as perform  mobility exercises to get your body ready for this intense workout.  

One thing to remember is that our goal is to focus on having correct form, rather than focusing  on completing sets as quick as possible or trying to lift the heaviest weights. 

So, make sure you complete each rep with good form even if that means you need to use a light  weight, go slow, and/or look at yourself in a mirror.  

Having a workout buddy guide you and correct any mistakes can be beneficial as well. And if you don’t have a workout buddy or a mirror, recording yourself on your phone and rewatching  the video can be a great way to correct your form. 

Exercise 1: 

Sumo Squats 

Keep your feet wider than your shoulders and have them pointing at a 45-degree angle. You can hold one dumbbell in both hands or one dumbbell in each. 

Exercise 2: 

Romanian Dead Lifts (RDLS) 

When you’re completing RDLs make sure you hinge forward using your hips and don’t arch your back. 

Exercise 3: 


Keep your core engaged and make sure your front knee doesn’t go over your ankle.  

Exercise 4: 

Calf raises 

You can complete these on a flat surface or do it from a block or platform. 

Exercise 5: 

Bicep curl 

Make sure you do these slow and controlled. You can do one arm at a time or do both at the same time.  

Exercise 6: 

Hammer curls 

Slow and controlled do a similar motion as a bicep curl but go across your chest to the other side of your body.  

Exercise 7: 

Shoulder press 

Lift a pair of dumbbells right above your ears and push upwards through your elbows. 

Exercise 8: 

Frontal raises 

Have a micro-bend in your elbow and raise the dumbbells to about chin level.  

Repeat these exercises for 3 sets of 12 reps and make sure you rest in between each set. You got  this! 

When you finish your workout make sure you stretch and/or use a muscle roller and be proud of  yourself for doing something good for your body today!