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Go-To Outdoor Summer Workout Routine

Go-To Outdoor Summer Workout Routine

Tired of looking at the same four walls during your workout? Then take advantage of the warm summer days ahead and move your workout to the great outdoors!

Outdoor workouts are a fun, energizing alternative to your regular gym routine and can help pull you out of that winter workout rut. Whether you’re looking to create a strength program or get your heart rate pumping with a cardio routine, exercising outdoors gives you the flexibility to accomplish all of the above with limited to no equipment. And it comes with the added benefit of being out in nature and under the open sky (wearing sunscreen, of course).

Try out this simple, high intensity strength and cardio routine to add a little more heat to your summer! You won’t need any equipment, and we recommend completing it in the early morning or evening.

Outdoor Strength and Cardio Routine

Push Ups, 45 seconds

Start in a high plank position with your hands right underneath your shoulders and your feet in line with your hips. When you inhale, bend your elbows and pull them back toward your ribs as your lower your chest toward the floor. Lower until your elbows are at a right angle, then press your arms and lift your body away from the ground back up to the high plank position. You always have the options to keep your knees on the ground.

Rest 15 seconds

Tricep Dips, 45 seconds

Start in a seated position, placing your hands behind your back (fingers pointing toward your glutes) and plant your feet on the floor. Push your hips 6 - 8 inches off the floor by squeezing your bum and straightening your arms. Keeping your hips elevated, bend your elbows back so that you start to lower to the ground. Lower until your hips touch the ground, and then straighten your arms again to lift back up. A great way to modify is to stay seated on the ground while you complete the dip.

Rest 15 seconds

Squats Pulses, 45 seconds

Separate your feet so they’re just a touch wider than your hips and point your toes slightly outward. Inhale and lower your hips down and back, keeping your weight shifted into your heels. Stop when your knees are about 90 degree bent, or as long as your can keep your chest uplifted. Squeeze your glutes and raise up 3-4 inches, then lower back down into your squat position. Pro tip: focus on pulsing from your glutei and not just pressing up from your knees repeatedly.

Rest 15 seconds

Alternating Side Lunges, 45 seconds

Start standing upright. Take a big step laterally with your right leg and bend your knee into a lunge position. Focus on pressing your hips backward and keeping your weight in your heels. Drive your heel into the ground and press out of the lunge back to a standing position. Repeat on the opposite leg.

Rest 15 seconds

Sprints, 45 seconds

This is where you get to be a little creative. Choose two landmarks that you want to run between - it can be two park benches, lampposts, etc. Then, on your mark, get set, sprint. Sprint between those two landmarks for 45 seconds and see how many rounds you can make. In an outdoor space that’s not big enough (like a patio), turn these sprints into a 45 seconds all out sprint in place. You’ll get the same high intensity effect without the distance.

Rest 60 seconds, repeat 3 times