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The Ultimate Workout For When You're "Too Busy"

The Ultimate Workout For When You're "Too Busy"

By Heather Freudenthal, Contributing Blogger

Business and busyness go hand-in-hand. Many working professionals struggle to find time for exercise (and other health maintenance habits); working out can fall by the wayside when we’re swamped. But simple shifts in our schedule and mindset can bring our fitness goals within arm’s reach.

Firstly, shifting our mentality from “I have no time to exercise” to “I make time to exercise” can make a huge difference. This puts the power back in our hands. We are not victims of our schedule, but rather, the creators of it.  

Secondly, doing away with the idea that exercise is time-consuming. While everyone’s exercise needs vary depending on their goals—weight loss, healing, energy increase, hormone balance, strength building—most people can see improvements by exercising just ten minutes a day. We are all guilty of scrolling on social media for hours, despite our packed schedules—we can make ten minutes to exercise. Whether it’s yoga or light cardio, ten minutes is enough to see benefits in both mind and body.

With this in mind, let’s go through a quick abdominal strength training routine you can do at home, for free, with zero equipment.

10-Minute Abs

20x Bicycle Crunches

Lay flat on your back with your legs stretched out and interlace your fingers behind your head. Your elbows should be out to the side of your head. Bend one knee toward your head and meet it with the opposite elbow (right knee to left elbow) and keep the other leg extended forward. When you meet your knee with your elbow, it will require you to lift your head off the floor. Switch to the other knee and elbow. Keep switching and repeat 20 times.


20x Sitting Twists 

Sit upright with your knees bent and your heels slightly off the floor. While keeping your lower body tight and still, twist your upper body to one side like you’re dropping an item to that side. Then twist to the other side. Keep alternating sides, twisting from your left to your right as fast as you can, while keeping your lower body steady and tight. Repeat 20 times.

20x Scissors

Laying flat on your back, elevate both legs straight out in front of you, about a foot off the ground. Keep your back pressed against the floor. Separate your legs vertically by lifting one leg high and keeping the other where it is. Keeping your legs straight, switch leg positions making a scissor motion—lower the top leg and raise the bottom leg. Keep switching 20 times.

20x Mountain Climbers

Get in a plank/push-up position, with your legs extended behind you and your weight firmly supported by straight arms. Keep your core tight. Bring one knee forward and let your foot touch the floor, then switch quickly—bring the other knee forward and touch that foot to the floor. It should feel like you’re climbing something each time a different knee comes forward. Keep switching legs. Switch legs at a comfortable pace but pick up the pace as tolerated. Repeat 20 times.


Once you complete this round of exercises, take a breather for 30 seconds. Drink some water then repeat each set a second time. In total, you will have completed these exercises within ten minutes.

When it comes to exercise, a little goes a long way. Do these exercises in the morning before work, on your lunch break at work in a break room, or before bed—there’s no bad time to exercise and improve health (especially when it only takes a few minutes)!

These quick and simple abdominal exercises increase heart rate, strength, and muscle mass. Combined with a healthy diet, exercise can help us achieve our health goals without spending hours at the gym.