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Working Out With Kids, It’s not a question of “How can You?” It’s “How can You not?”

Working Out With Kids, It’s not a question of “How can You?” It’s “How can You not?”

By Calie Calabrese - Health Coach @CoachCalie

With Mother's Day coming up it's important to remember and celebrate the special role we play in our children’s lives. A role that while absolutely incredible, can leave many of us feeling tired, out of balance, overwhelmed and even frustrated. I know…I said it…! But I’m just being real. Motherhood is hard work. Beautiful, wonderful, rewarding, hard work!

It’s a time in our lives when it’s easy to put everyone else’s needs above our own, which might not seem that terrible for a short period, but overtime, takes a huge toll on our health.

I hear it almost daily from so many moms. “How can I make time to exercise? I have kids.” And my answer is always the same. “How can you not?” A 30 minute workout is literally 2% of your day, but making time to get the blood, heart and positive endorphins pumping, while sweating out some toxins and frustration can make your day 200% better! 

When you commit to take 30 minutes a day to focus on you, to improve your physical, mental and emotional health – it isn’t selfish – it’s selfcare! 

So for all of you new moms out there and those moms reading this and thinking…” Easier said than done.” I took the question to my 50K Instagram followers and here are our collective tips for making it happen.


  1. Be intentional. Plan your workout time and do your best to be consistent.
  2. Be flexible. No, but seriously. Our days don’t always go as planned so if you can’t get it done at your scheduled time don’t get frustrated, but don’t give up. Move it and make it happen. Remember, it’s only 2% of your day.
  3. Let go of perfect. If a 30 minute workout takes you an hour you still got it done. Celebrate that fact. It’s just as good for your health. If you have to break a 30 minute workout up into 15 minute intervals – do it. It’s better than doing nothing.
  4. Get them involved. If they’re old enough, invite them to workout with you. If you have babies, put down the weights and pick them up.
  5. Give them a chore. Ask your kids to help with a chore around the house that will keep them occupied for 30 minutes. Let them do it. Remember, we’re letting go of perfect! Laundry, dishwasher, picking up toys, packing tomorrow’s lunch, making their beds, there’s always something they can do.
  6. Get up before them. If it’s important to you this might be your only option. It can be tough at first, but once it becomes part of your routine you’ll see that that 30 minutes of movement gives you more positive energy for your day than the extra 30 minutes of sleep.
  7. Use screen time to your advantage. Save their 30 minutes of TV, computer, phone, video game time for when you know you’re going to workout. If you limit screen time, they’re a lot more likely to embrace it and give you that 30 minutes to yourself. A win for everyone!
  8. Take it outside. When the weather allows, take your workout outside. Put the baby in the stroller and walk or run. Bring your online workout into the backyard and get it done while the kids run around.
  9. Use your lunch break. If you work outside the house, consider using your lunch break as your workout time.
  10. When all else fails…turn up the music and start a dance party. Everyone gets some exercise and makes a fun memory with mom!


Remember, it’s not selfish, it’s self-care! The longer you do it, the easier it will become for your kids and family to accept it as part of your routine. Showing them the importance of taking care of yourself with exercise and teaching them that it’s ok to ask for what you need – like time for you or help around the house – is a gift. It will give them permission to do the same for themselves some day and set a precedent for a lifetime of healthy habits.