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Essential Tips For Daylight Savings Time: A Survival Guide

Essential Tips For Daylight Savings Time: A Survival Guide

By Brenda Moneghan, Contributing Blogger

We all know that when spring arises, it means flowers blooming, sunny skies and warmer weather- a true refresher from a cold, long winter. But it also means we’re about to spring ahead and lose one precious hour of slumber we all love and need. Rest assured, these tips are going to help you get through that time change. Getting a good night's sleep is crucial to being your best self everyday and if you follow these rules of thumb, daylight savings is going to be a swift walk in the park.

Start a Realistic Routine

For those of you who live life in the moment and don’t plan ahead, this could sound like a difficult feat but the truth is you’re going to feel incredible once you’ve established a routine. Finding the balance in what you need and what you are comfortable with will ensure that your rest is on point and that you are feeling your very best each day. Doing something mindful like incorporate a positive activity before bedtime can prove beneficial. Things such as writing an entry in your journal, taking a comforting bath or meditating are great ways to wind down. Going to sleep after doing something that promotes happiness is sure to send you into a restful slumber.

Start the Spring Cleaning

When Spring approaches, it’s typically a signal for many to start cleaning and organizing their home.. This practice is certainly going to benefit you if you can declutter your life, so to speak. Getting rid of items that cause a hectic environment and optimizing your space with items of comfort is going to make you feel at ease. A clean sleep environment is key to feeling at peace and ready to embark on a restful sleep journey. Fresh sheets, cozy bedding and a minimalistic amount of objects will offer you a light, positive feeling and will allow you to feel safe in your sleep space. 

Take a Social Media Hiatus at Night

As you set into a new routine, one habit that might be hard to break is checking the gram before bed. It’s been proven that light can keep you up and we all know that you’re diving deep into the black hole of social media with no intentions of sleep in sight. Make it easier for yourself and charge your phone in a different room or store it in your bedside drawer so that you don’t feel compelled to grab it. While staring at the ceiling doesn’t sound as exciting as seeing what your friends are up to, it will help you to rest sooner if you give up the tech a solid 30 minutes before bed. 

Embrace the Daylight

Even though you have to wake up an hour earlier and likely don’t want to be bothered, embracing the natural sunlight by exposing all your windows to morning light is exactly what you need to feel fresh and awake. By waking with natural light, it will trigger an inner alarm clock that makes it easier for you to feel aware and ready to take on the day. Plus, you won’t mind admiring the natural beauty of bright daylight.

Lay Off the Caffeine

By all means, enjoy your caffeine to your hearts extent throughout the day but once six o’clock rolls around, it’s time to cut off that habit and start to wind down. By consuming caffeine too close to bed, you’re not going to feel tired by the time a reasonable hour for bedtime approaches. By watching how much caffeine you consume in the latter part of the day, it will allow you become tired in a more organic and healthy way, thus making a routine much, much easier to live by. 

Daylight savings can sometimes be a shock to the system but by taking the steps to ensure restful sleep and a great routine, it will be easy to get into the swing of things. Just remember, a good night’s sleep is going to guarantee a positive outlook as you awaken with the natural daylight, in your perfect sleep haven.