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Five Eco-Friendly changes that have a BIG impact on the Earth!

Five Eco-Friendly changes that have a BIG impact on the Earth!

By Victoria Moore, Contributing Blogger

We are well into the year 2020, and as citizens of this beautiful home that we call Earth, it is our global responsibility to make sure that we are all doing our part when it comes to making eco-friendly choices. Taking care of the environment is a legacy that we need to preserve for future generations to come.  The data surrounding climate change and our depleted resources is alarming. This has forced many people to consider their own footprint and look for more ways to make more environmentally conscious decisions. 

The responsibility can seem overwhelming at first. It’s important to remember that it’s more about progress, than it is about perfection. Doing our part may seem insignificant on an individual level, but collectively, small changes can add up to make a difference. We have the opportunity daily to vote for the environment so to speak. 

It doesn’t always have to be big, expensive changes like switching to solar, or trading in your car for a hybrid (although those are great changes that have big results!) Small acts when multiplied, can transform the world! Little efforts can have a big impact on the environment - and your wallet!

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, let’s talk about 5 simple eco-friendly changes that you can incorporate into your lifestyle that have a BIG impact on the health of the environment. These simple changes are easy to make and really add up over time helping to reduce your carbon footprint!

5 Eco-friendly changes that are simple to make:

- Use Reusable Bags:  Switching to reusable grocery, produce and sandwich/storage bags are a great way to cut back on plastic waste that pollutes waterways and takes significant amounts of petroleum to create. Reusable options help to save non-renewable resources and also protect the environment. Swapping to reusable bags is a simple way to make a change without missing out on convenience. 

- Get some Reusable cups & utensils: Reusable options are a great way to help cut back on green-house gases made to create disposable alternatives, and helps to promote zero-waste. Reusable cups and utensils take energy and resources to produce as well, so it’s important to use them repeatedly and consistently to offset their environmental impact. 

- Switch to Bamboo Paper Towels: These are a great alternative to conventional paper towels and a simple way to reduce paper waste. They can be machine washed and reused over and over. They are durable and more absorbent than paper towels and help to reduce waste and costs by replacing over 200 rolls of paper towels for one roll. 

- Swap to Plant-Based Cleaners: These alternative household cleaners are better for the environment, biodegradable and non-toxic. They help to lessen water and air pollution. Think about all those toxins going down the drain and into our water sources! You can easily DIY or find store bought options. With more companies entering the green market, natural products are often competitively priced, and in some cases cheaper, than conventional products. 

- Make an effort to eat local by supporting farmer's markets or growing a garden: Food at the Farmer’s Market or that you grow yourself is transported shorter distances and is generally grown using methods that minimize the impact on the earth. Conventional agriculture also uses many more resources than sustainable agriculture and pollutes water, land, and air with toxic agricultural by-products. There are many ways you can support sustainable agriculture. You can grow a garden yourself, visit a farmer’s market (find one in your area here - https://www.ams.usda.gov/local-food-directories/farmersmarkets) or support a local farmer depending on where you live. 

Small changes have a BIG impact.

These small changes are easy and inexpensive to make, and have a big impact on the health of the environment over time. Swapping out for eco-friendly products is a simple way to incorporate earth-friendly changes everyday! Walk the walk and set an example to others to encourage and inspire them to make their own eco-friendly changes. Consider this an opportunity to display and influence positive behavioral change to others by helping to normalize sustainability. 

Sharing these simple changes with friends and family helps to spread awareness and empower others to do their part in preserving the planet. When we collectively work together to take care of this beautiful planet it makes a big difference. It’s surprisingly simple to make positive, impactful change. And even if you make just one change rather than making your entire house eco-friendly overnight, you’re still doing something good for the planet!