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How to be the Best Version of Yourself in 2024

How to be the Best Version of Yourself in 2024

By Jenn Pacheco, Contributing Blogger

In my 28 years of life on this Earth, I’ve been blessed with so many experiences. From the memories I’ve made with family and friends to the lessons I’ve been lucky enough to learn. Yet I still don’t believe that I’m done growing mentally and emotionally. I don’t think I’ll ever stop evolving my mindset in a positive way. 

You may be wondering, “why?” Well, my answer to that question would probably sound a little something like this: I’m always trying to be the best version of myself. The best version of myself today may not be the same as the best version of myself tomorrow. Or the best version of myself in 10 years from now…

It’s like what Matthew McConaughey said at his Oscars’ acceptance. 

“And to my hero, that’s who I chase. Now when I was 15 years old, I had a very important person in my life come to me and say ‘Who’s your hero?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know. I gotta think about that. Give me a couple of weeks.’ I come back two weeks later – this person comes up and says ‘Who’s your hero?’ I said, ‘I thought about it. You know who it is?’ I said, ‘It’s me in 10 years,’

So I turned 25. Ten years later, that same person comes to me and goes, ‘So are you a hero?’ And I was like, ‘Not even close. No, no, no.’ She said, ‘Why?’ I said, ‘Because my hero’s me at 35.’ So you see every day, every week, every month, and every year of my life, my hero’s always 10 years away. I’m never gonna be my hero. I’m not gonna attain that. I know I’m not, and that’s just fine with me because that keeps me with somebody to keep chasing.”

I will continue chasing that best version of myself forever, until the end of my days. How will I do that, you may be wondering? By sticking to my guided list below. Check out my suggested goals and see if any of them tickle your fancy - and remember, be patient with yourself. Growth is a continuous process; you’re not going to get to the best version of yourself overnight.

Prioritize rest and relaxation.

Before you get into hobbies and work on self improvement tactics, you need to put one thing first on your list: Rest. Now, this could mean getting your full 7-9 hours of sleep every night (as that is very important), but it could also mean taking a break when you need one. 

I like to embrace the quiet moments. Take a walk on my mid-morning break at work. Spend an extra few minutes in the shower with an aromatherapy shower steamer. Rest my feet on the ottoman after work and just decompress. Stuff like that.

Read more books.

I don’t know about you, but I’m an avid reader. Give me a good book and I’ll be lost in the pages for hours. But I don’t give myself enough time to really dive into the hobby. So in 2024, I will make it a point to read more books.

I’m talking educational books that expand my mind. I’m talking memoirs that’ll make me understand celebrities and politicians on a more personal level. I’m talking suspense books that keep me on the edge of my seat. I’m talking romance novels that’ll have me blushing by the end of every chapter. Not only will I experience personal growth, but I’ll also give my creative mind some power to experience pleasure in fictitious stories. 

Pray and be grateful.

I was raised to prioritize prayer and show gratitude to anyone and anything that had a positive influence over me. But sometimes, life gets in the way and I completely forget my roots.

That won’t be the case in 2024. I will reboot that tradition. Once a day, either in the morning when I wake up or in the evening right before bed, I’ll sit down and clear my mind. I’ll allow the grateful words to flood my mind, to pray and be thankful for everything life is offering me. To be hopeful that any trials and tribulations come to pass. To look at how far I’ve come and to look forward to how much life I still have to live. This, in itself, will be relaxing - and it’ll keep me mindful.

Exercise and maintain great physical health.

Participating in a regular workout routine is great for the mind, body, and soul. I know for me, personally, it rids my brain and being of anxiety and depression. But I have to keep at it, I can’t lolly lag. Five days a week, minimum. 

In 2024, I plan to continue my workout routine. Everyone’s different, so you’ll have to find what’s most beneficial for you. But for me, I like to do 4-5 miles on the treadmill a day. I’ll get a couple in in the morning before work at 5:30 a.m. then do the rest before I start cooking dinner. I’ll also do 2-3 gym sessions a week. One will focus on legs, another on arms, and the last on back and chest. But if I’m scarce on time, I’ll do one of my favorite at-home workouts; I have weights, bands, and gym equipment at the house, so it’s easy enough. 

Write it all down.

I’m a firm believer in if you write it down, it’ll stick with you longer. So I keep a journal nearby at all times. In my purse, on top of my nightstand, in the car, etc. 

If something funny happens, and I mean really note-worthy funny, I write it down. If I make a memory that I don’t want to forget, I write it down. If I learned a hard lesson at work, in my relationship, or at home, I write it down. All the big stuff is logged. And at the end of the year, I like to re-read it. It’s like the highlights of my life, ya know?

Feed your body the proper fuel. 

We all know that diet is very important, that’s why I eat healthy 90% of the time. Hey, I need that extra 10% to be for sweets and my favorite cocktails. 

When I eat the proper fuel for my body, I feel my best. Feeling my best gives me the power to be the best version of myself I can possibly be. Not moody (because I’m well fed) and not tired (because I’m not lacking necessary nutrients). 

So I focus on getting protein, fruits, veggies, and dairy at the grocery store once a week. I like everything fresh. That looks like this: Steak, beef, chicken, pork, and fish. Fruits that last like clementines, apples, berries, and grapes. Veggies that’ll be filling like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and zucchini. Dairy like milk, cheeses, eggs, and cream for coffee. 

Practice kindness. 

Showing kindness to the people in your life, and to strangers, is 100% free. I always say that you can’t control how another person acts towards you, but you can control how you act towards them. 

So, be a positive light in the world and share a smile. Say a kind gesture out loud. Be polite. Hold the door open for someone. These little acts of kindness bring me joy and make me an overall happier person. Watch as they transform you, too.