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Top 5 Ways to Relieve Stress

Top 5 Ways to Relieve Stress

By Sarah Fox, Contributing Blogger

Stress, stress, stress. Been there, done that, and got the T-shirt, am I right? Your life is stressful – whether its relationships, family, career, finances, and the list goes on and on!

In a world and society that constantly pushes you to go, go, go: you need some relief. Here, I will give you 5 ways to reduce stress and relieve some of that pressure that is on you 24/7. 

These 5 tips are super easy and won’t break the bank or take up too much time. But, they will provide some relaxation to a day that is jam packed with to-do lists a mile long.


I know, this seems like a crazy technique to put as number 1 but let me tell you! I know you have heard “laughter is the best medicine.” Well, in many cases, I think that is true! Whether you call up your bestie, listen to a comedy podcast, or turn on your favorite episode of The Office (my personal fav), that will definitely get the giggle box going and your tummy hurting from all the laughs. And before you know it, the stress will melt away and you’re hanging on for that next joke!


Being active has so many benefits, and not just physically! From helping your physical body get stronger, to improving your health, helping your mood, improving sleep, and much more, getting outside truly helps. My personal favorite is a bright sunny day without a cloud in the sky! Walking around in the sun just hits you differently! It takes away your worries and stresses, uplifts your mood, and just flat-out makes you happy!

Tip: For a winning combo, try sitting outside in the sunshine AND laughing with a friend – don’t knock it ‘til you try it! 


I get it, it seems like when you are at your most stressed is when you want to be alone the most! As a self-proclaimed “extroverted introvert,” I’ve been there. Even a simple 5-minute phone call to mom or dad can help calm some of those stresses! Sometimes, all you need is just someone to listen. And who knows, maybe while they are listening, they give you just the advice you need to relieve some of that nagging stress. It could be a quick phone call with your mom, date night with your significant other, or lunch with a friend, but it is sure to take your mind off things and help to relieve some worries!


Getting enough sleep isn’t just so you can simply “function” the next day, but so you can THRIVE! Sleep is critical (as I have quickly found out when I don’t get enough of it!). A good night’s rest can be the difference between a chaotic and frantic day full of stress and a planned yet productive day conquering that to-do list. Wouldn’t you choose the latter? I know I would! It may be tempting to watch that extra episode on Netflix at 11pm, but next time, think about how smooth your next day could be just by prioritizing your sleep a little more.


Last but not least, this is probably the most versatile suggestion on the list! With technology today, you can listen to music literally everywhere.  In the car, on a walk, in the house, and even in the shower. The cool thing about music is that you can also knock out that to-do list while you’re relieving stress! Just make sure you’re cranking it up to 10 and singing along!


Now that you know what you can do to help relieve some of that stress, take 5 minutes, choose one of the tips, and watch it melt away! I know they will help you just like they have for me many times! Have a relaxing, productive, and stress-free day!